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Frascino Hi, Believe it or not, you are not the only one having a torrid affair with their beloved and sexy "blunket. See posts from archives below. See below for a sample of what you can find in the archives.

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Is Peripheral Neuropathy Reversible? Well I have been masturbating alot recently and my penis looks like is has shrunk. Bob self-masturbated with wound on hand Aug 12, 2006 hello i'm 21 years old, and last night i masturbated myself, and i happened to have an open wound on my left hand. By the way, another of your home schooled buddies had a similar question.

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Your questions do point out once again the astounding failure of our current sex education efforts! Jan 5, 2007 I feel a bit embarressed about this, but I am very curious.

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Your questions once again dramatically point out the consequences of a "bad education in sex-ed.! Why do you ask? Bob Masturbation Sep 22, 2005 What is the truth about side-effects of Masturbation. I heard masturbating can make you grow taller is that true?

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